Outside Experience: Soup Tasting!

***Please note this event took place on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012.

I absolutely love the Farmers’ Market! I go almost every Saturday… and I even have a tradition in place.  My first stop is the side window at Le Petit Café, where I order the best hot chocolate in the world (complete with chocolate whipped cream). Only $1.50. Next I make a loop around the market to figure out where I want go get my flowers from (I treat myself every week with flowers). Finally, I start buying my produce for the week.

Le Petit CafeLe Petit Cafe

Every weekend the market usually has some form of entertainment, whether it be musicians playing in the square, or local artists coming together to sell their work. This weekend, along with Slow Food Bloomington, the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market hosted its annual Soup Tasting event.


Thirteen chefs attended, representing different restaurants throughout the Bloomington area. All of the chefs were set up under a big tent in front of City Hall, with the soup stations along the periphery. Tasters were supplied with a cup of crackers (to cleanse the palette), a spoon, and a napkin; they were even supplied with some information on “Soup Tasting Etiquette”.


Some of the soups prepared are part of the usual fare at these restaurants, while others were more original. Talking with Chef Seth Elgar from Upland’s Restaurant and Brewery, he had created his comforting crawfish, and sweet potato bisque the very night before. Surprisingly, there was a significant turn out despite the dreary Saturday morning weather. Perhaps they were all trying to stay warm with free soup samples!



My hands down favorite came from Chef Sasha Divine, who cooked an Indiana beef stew with braised greens. Close runners up included Chef Sara Noori from Sahara Mart’s Thai corn chowder, and Chef Seth Elgar’s crawfish and sweet potato bisque. What a wonderful way to spend Saturday’s lunch!

*All photographs were taken by me, unless otherwise noted*

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